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Mothering Sunday story 

mary sword 
Once there was a woman. The woman was a gardener. She had a beautiful garden. The garden was ancient. The garden was huge. In fact it was thousands of miles. It had mountains and forests and oceans. You might think that this was not a garden. But it was. Because the woman made everything grow and live in the garden. She planted it all and made it all grow. She was close to the garden and she loved it. In fact she was so close to the garden you could say she was the garden's mother. And she was the mother of all the creatures who lived there.

Some of the creatures were even older than the garden. First there were tiny, almost invisible creatures. These came together and made new creatures. And these new creatures came together and made even more new creatures. The small creatures became big creatures and eventually after a very long time, there were people.

And the mother of the garden was happy.

But then a few people built walls and said, "This land is ours."

And the mother of the garden was sad.

And a few more said, "We want more land. Let us take some of that which is said to be for others."

And the mother was sad.

And some said, "We are better than others. We should have more the others." And the people became greedy. And the mother was sad.

But some said, "No! This is not our garden. It belongs to our mother. And we are only here a short time and we should look after it.""

And the mother was happy.

And other said, "Yes! And this belongs to all of us too! And we should share it with each other."

And the mother was happy.

And others said, "Yes! And we should look after and care for each other and make sure everyone enjoys this beautiful garden."

And the mother was happy. And the garden was a happy place. And the trees grew and the people flourished."

Mark Rogers, 31/03/2014
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